Your Microbiome

You are only 40% Human

"Please watch our video explaining the Microbiome below before you go any further!"
Sam and Kit
The Skin Twins

Microbes are your defenders

The human microbiome (or human microbiota) is the collection of microorganisms which live on us. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is host to probably the most diverse range of microbes in the human body.

They defend you from disease and are not just important for your skin health but your whole body health.

"You are only 40% Human. The other 60% is Microbes. Yes, this is true! These microbes are vital for your health."
Sam and Kit
The Skin Twins

100 Trillion Microbes

The bacteria that inhabit the skin are not uniformly distributed across the body, but even the deepest layers of dead tissue and the living tissue below the epidermis harbour a microbial community. There are thought to be 100 trillion microbes living on the human body inhabiting the microbiome.

Scary? Not at all! These microbes protect your skin and your body. Below is an extract from a recent article on the BBC titled “More than half your body is not human”!

The rest are microscopic colonists... they are essential for your health.
We have seen an enormous and terrifying increase in allergy.
This hidden half of ourselves - our microbiome - is transforming our understanding of allergy...

Next up: Biodiversity, the key to your Health

The higher the biodiversity of your microbiome, the healthier it is. This is seen all across nature.

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