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Become certified in the amazing science of the Skin Microbiome!​

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Why get educated?

The Skin Microbiome is is not only vital for your Skin Health but Whole Body Health too.

Education means you can help yourself and your loved ones with Whole Body Health.

You can even become one of our certified Skin Microbiome Educators!

Skin Microbiome School Educator

What you will learn

  1. Introduction to the Microbiome.
  2. Why is the Skin Microbiome so important?
  3. The Skin Allergy Epidemic.
  4. How is the Skin Microbiome linked to the Skin Allergy Epidemic?
  5. Is our Microbiome damaged in general in the Western World?
  1. Which practises are responsible for this Damaged Microbiome?
  2. How the Skin Microbiome can influence the Gut microbiome.
  3. How to tell if your Microbiome is damaged.
  4. Intro to Biodiversity of the Microbiome.
  5. How to strengthen your Skin Microbiome.

Skin Microbiome School Educator

What you will learn

Level 1 Training is intended for practitioners such as salon therapists, naturopaths, members of the medical profession, and other professionals who advise on whole body healing. 

It builds on the *Level 1 Foundation Course, which is a brief introduction to the science of the Skin Microbiome, to provide attendees with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Skin Microbiome and specifically how to introduce and use Skin Microbiome Technology.

*Please note that attending the Level 1 Foundation Course (Webinar session plus Questionnaire) is a prerequisite before moving on to Level 2.

Education in the Skin Microbiome gives you the understanding of how this could be the most important part to your Whole Body Health.

You could even become a Skin Microbiome Educator and help people all across the world!
Sam and Kit
The Skin Twins

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