Skin Microbiome School Educator

Level II: Therapist Training

For Naturopaths & Holistic Therapists

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Why get educated?

The Skin Microbiome is is not only vital for your Skin Health but Whole Body Health too.

Education means you can help yourself and your loved ones with Whole Body Health.

You can even become one of our certified Skin Microbiome Educators!

What you will learn


Level 2 Training is intended for practitioners such as salon therapists, naturopaths, members of the medical profession, and other professionals who advise on whole body healing. 

It follows on from the *Level 1 Foundation Course, which is a brief introduction to the science of the Skin Microbiome, to consolidate attendees’ knowledge and understanding of the Skin Microbiome in a business focused context and to guide them specifically in how to introduce and use JooMo®products for whole body health in their practices.

*Please note that attending the Level 1 Foundation Course (Webinar session plus Questionnaire) is a prerequisite before moving on to Level 2.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to build Long Term Growth and Repeat Business.
  2. How to Sell JooMo®
  3. Explain – in simple terms – why your customers need JooMo®.
  4. Understand which customers need JooMo®.
  5. Understand how to use JooMo® .
  6. Understand that we offer on-going support, with continuing education. We offer Services not  Products!


Practitioners will learn how to introduce the concept of the Skin Microbiome and its importance for whole body health to their patients.

Key outcomes:

  • Focus on Long term Growth Potential for your practice through educating your patients as the key to repeat business.
  • A new product and service offering that will increase sales to your existing customers, and gain new ones.
  • Business focused to provide Solutions not Products with bespoke training options  for Therapists/Practitioners and Naturopaths. 
  • Ongoing education which you can provide for your staff and patients.
  • You will learn how to advise customers with specific skin conditions on how to use JooMo® and will be offered training in the Skin Microbiome School’s Four Month Fitness Plans for specific skin conditions.
  • You will learn how to introduce JooMo® as the missing piece of the puzzle for whole body health
  • You will learn how to advise clients with gut problems on the benefits of skin microbiome solutions.

Level 2 Certification

Skin Microbiome School Educator Level 2 – certified by the Skin Microbiome School.

Course Modules

How to sell JooMo® to your Customers

  • Simple Sales Strapline for you and your colleagues:

    Q1. What are these products?
    They’re Skin Supplements. Simply put, it’s like Gut Health but for the Skin
    – Did you know that the skin is just as important as the gut for whole body health?
    – Your skin is the missing piece of the puzzle for whole body health.

    Q2. “I’ve got problem skin/want to improve my health?”
    – Did you know that the skin is just as important as the gut for whole body health?
    – Your skin is the missing piece of the puzzle for whole body health.
    – Try these Skin Supplements. Simply put, they’re like Gut Health but for the Skin

  •  The business model for selling JooMo is the most important part for your business as it builds a community of your patients through repeat business.
    • Booking regular consultations is key to guiding clients through.
    • Clients need to have their hand held through the process, especially the first month.
    • Weekly consultations is recommended for the first 1-2 months.
  • This is achieved through education that your patients will buy into:
    • JooMo Skin Supplements are a long term solution – just like taking vitamins or going to the gym to get fit.
    • Like Gut Health but for the Skin‘: most people now are familiar with the idea of improving your gut health for overall whole body health. This comparison will help your clients understand the skin in the same way.
    • Not only does gut health affect the skin, but recent research shows that this is a two way process i.e. the skin affects the gut. Recent research also shows that damaged skin could be the cause of some food allergies.
    • Special Fitness Plans for Skin (see below): it’s your job to guide your clients through the plan with weekly check ins etc. The 4 Month Plan will require long term consultation.
    • Possibility of charging consultation fees for the 4 month plan – or selling Products + Consultation Fee as a Pack.
    • Videos for clients.

Introducing and Using JooMo Skin Supplements

  •  Offer personalised ‘Skin Microbiome School Fitness Plans’ tailored to specific skin complaints.
    • Four Month Skin Fitness Plans including initial assessment, products, ongoing support and advice, progress updates.
    • Tried and Tested Programmes to follow
    • Questionnaires assess progress

JooMo® Skin Supplements are Recommended for:

  • Patients with problem skin. Also suitable for those prone to Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Acne, Spots, Fungal Infections etc.
  • Use on its own as cleanser and skin health treatment.
  • Patients  being treated for food allergies, gut microbiome problems and other whole body health issues as part of a whole body health regime.
  • Patients without specific problems who want to improve their whole body health generally.

Like Gut Health but for the Skin

  • Importance of the Skin Microbiome for Whole Body Health
  • Skin could be ‘missing piece of puzzle’ for Whole Body Health

JooMo® Skin Supplements for Whole Body Health

    • Empowers, not changes, the skin’s natural environment
    • Creates a healthy skin environment to prevent ailments
    • Repairs damage caused by a lifetime of using synthetic products (a damaged skin microbiome leads to a weakened skin barrier)
    • World’s first 100% Natural Face Wash and Body Wash

The Skin Microbiome

  • Biodiversity – The Secret Key to Skin Health
    • JooMo® Products increase biodiversity
    • JooMo® Products maintain moisture levels

Business Tools available for Practices

Leaflets (for Download & printing)

Have fun, you're making a difference!

As always, wishing you faith, hope and love!

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