A jellyfish sting got us thinking...

Our childhood summers were normally spent in Troon, on the west coast of Scotland where we visited our Grandparents. Nearly every day was spent on the beach where we would watch the local flounders glide along the sea bed.

One day, we jumped into the water as normal and both started feeling stinging sensations all over our body. We were told that we had been stung by a Jellyfish and that the best way to get rid of the sting was to bathe the sore parts in Sea water. 


Why does sea water heal when it is teaming with microbes?!

Seawater contains 100s of millions of Microbes in one teaspoon of water.

So why on earth is seawater so successful in healing wounds when it is obviously absolutely teaming with millions of “unpleasant” organisms? Surely you would be introducing microbes onto already damaged skin, with the potential for dangerous infections? 


Our Grandfather the Doctor

Our Grandfather told us told us how for thousands of years the healing effects of seawater have been described by physicians such as the Father of Medicine Hippocrates, and a personal story of terribly burned airmen in the second world war. It seemed that Battle of Britain pilots who ditched in the sea suffered much less from the consequences of their burns than their unfortunate colleagues who bailed out over land.


Is our western idea of health wrong? A Paradox

Seawater is not just safe but in fact beneficial for damaged skin, and so this curious paradox arises:

On the one hand the medical profession had been at the vanguard of convincing us that minimising exposure with any microbes was beneficial, while the evidence of seawater appeared to totally contradict this?


Over sanitised culture & obsession with killing microbes?

Could it be that our over over-sanitized modern culture was actually now creating more health problems than it was solving? Had the so-called experts’ obsession with disinfecting our surroundings and destroying all species of bacteria and viruses meant that they had completely overlooked how complex natural systems, including the human body, worked?


Skin Allergy Epidemic in the Western World...

Skin Problems increased 500% in the last 100 years. Why is this true, when we are wealthier and have better access to healthcare than ever before? 


International Experts on the Skin Microbiome

The Skin Twins now talk all around the world about their published research into the Skin Microbiome. They found a way to measure skin health and are starting to uncover the causes of the Skin Allergy Epidemic.

Sam, a Nuclear Astrophysicist, and Kit, a Planetary Geophysicist, uncovered a link between the microbiome and the disturbing rise in chronic health problems in the West, and in conjunction with leading European Research Universities, developed a range of skin supplements as an important component in the battle to solve this crisis.

They are now world leading published authors on the Skin Microbiome and are Guest Lecturers at Trinity School of Natural Health.

"We created The Skin Microbiome School because we became determined to uncover the truth behind the huge rise in skin disease and help everyone with their Skin Problems."
1/2 of the Skin Twins

As seen on...

TV & Media

TV and media appearances

The Skin Twins appear across the world, having recently appeared on the Dr. Nandi Show which airs in 90 millions households in the USA and 80+ countries worldwide.

Peer reviewed published papers

World leaders in Skin Microbiome Biodiversity Research: We discovered the first mechanism for testing skin health using Biodiversity of the Skin Microbiome.

Published across the world

Our research along withour aim of changing the cosmetics industry forever by exposing the lies and deceit within it has been published across the world!

International Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers on our ground breaking research on the Skin Microbiome from San Francisco to Amsterdam.


Nuclear Astrophysicist

Sam graduated with a First Class Masters degree (MPhys) in Nuclear Astrophysics from The University of Surrey (Sunday Times ‘University of the Year’), that included a Master’s Research Year at the University of Notre Dame.

He also worked as a Quantum Computing & Machine Learning researcher at the University of Notre Dame, specialising in leading Notre Dame to the forefront of this new area of research.

His specialist academic interests were Quantum Mechanics, Special & General Relativity and Non Linear Physics and anything with lots of mathematical equations!

In general, Physics taught Sam that the way most people view the world is wrong – that we look at only one variable and think systems react linearly to it. His deep understanding of Non Linear Physics, means that he can see problems as a whole system, rather than a one dimensional problem.

During his Master’s Research Year in the USA at the prestigious University of Notre Dame (UND) in Indiana, he designed and built a particle detector for detection of supernovae. Possibly the most famous sporting name in US college history, UND also invited Sam to represent their Tennis Team and show the Americans how to play ‘soccer’!

Sam has been Assistant Tennis Coach for Holy Cross University at Notre Dame since 2018, being part of their meteoric rise.

An LTA qualified Tennis Coach and exponent of the ‘Modern Tennis’ playing system, Sam was awarded colours for his complete commitment to Surrey University Tennis 1st Team, bowing out on a high with a hard fought promotion in his final year. By taking on roles such as Vice President, Sam was instrumental in helping it grow into the third largest sports club.


Planetary Geophysicist & Author

Kit graduated from University College London (UCL) with a Masters Degree in Geophysics.

As director of the Pavane Research Centre (the R&D arm behind all ground-breaking JooMo technology), Kit is a 8-time published, peer-reviewed author (and counting!).

Kit’s groundbreaking research discovered the first ever mechanism to determine whether skin is healthy. This made it possible to determine whether everyday cosmetics really are a primary cause of the skin allergy epidemic raging across the western world.

(ref. Cosmetics 2017, 4(2), 14; Meta Analysis of Skin Microbiome… doi:10.3390/cosmetics4020014 ).

In partnership with The Medical University of Graz, Kit lead a follow-up study to determine the effects of everyday cosmetics on skin health.

The published results found that the Skin Microbiome Technology contained in JooMo’s truly natural products significantly increased the average microbial diversity and, as a result, skin health, in two weeks or sooner.

In the twins’ latest world-leading published research, written with two leading Romanian Medical Centres, they showed how damaged skin could be a major contributor to the Chronic Disease Epidemic. These included asthma, food allergies, and Parkinson’s disease, problems which were thought to be totally unrelated to the skin.

(ref. Cosmetics 2017, 4(2), 14; Meta Analysis of Skin Microbiome… doi:10.3390/cosmetics4020014 ).

Like his twin brother, Kit was also a top ranking tennis junior for his county and now an LTA qualified Tennis Coach who has coached all around the UK. At UCL he was in the elite tennis squad in the BUCS league for four years, and was on the committee for two of them. He was awarded a commendation and two colours from the UCL Union for services to sports.

As a final year research project Kit investigated The friction of saline ice on aluminium, and he went on to become one of the leading experts on the topic both at UCL and probably the world. Late in 2015 he submitted a peer-reviewed scientific paper with the same name to be published in a prestigious industry journal.

(ref. Advances in Tribology, Volume 2016 (2016); doi:10.1155/2016/1483951

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