How to prevent skin disease

Rebuild the health of your microbiome.

Research shows that to prevent skin disease, the health of your skin microbiome is vital. This is because when your skin microbiome is damaged, it is open to attack.

Your microbiome is in “dysbiosis” when damaged and has a low diversity. Because of this, it can’t protect against skin disease.

"Accordingly, murine studies show that dysbiosis and reduced diversity of skin microbes can influence the development of cutaneous inflammation and disease"

Your skin is an ecosystem that works to prevent skin disease

The skin microbiome is the collection of microbes living on you and is part of the whole body microbiome. Far from being damaging, these microbes are very important for your health.

Research shows that a damaged skin microbiome is linked to most common skin problems & diseases.

"In this model, the delicate balance of the skin barrier and innate immunity combine to maintain healthy skin, and disturbance of this balance can predispose the host to a number of cutaneous infectious and inflammatory conditions."

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