How to prevent skin disease

Could rebuilding your microbiome play a role?

Research shows that to prevent skin disease, the health of your skin microbiome could be vital.

Importantly your microbiome is in “dysbiosis” when damaged and has a low diversity. Because of this your skin can’t protect against disease, according to Susan Prescott.

"Accordingly, murine studies show that dysbiosis and reduced diversity of skin microbes can influence the development of cutaneous inflammation and disease."

As a result, reversing this damage “may help prevent and/or treat the disease”.

So your skin microbiome could prevent skin disease?

To explain, the skin microbiome is the collection of microbes living on you! Instead of being damaging, research shows these microbes are important for your health.

Interestingly, research shows that a damaged skin microbiome is linked to most common skin problems & diseases.

"and disturbance of this balance can predispose the host to a number of cutaneous infectious and inflammatory conditions."

In conclusion, strengthening your skin microbiome could be important

Therefore, the practises that we recommend to help your skin microbiome are listed below:
  • Stop using everyday cosmetics that contain synthetic chemicals on your skin.
  • Use products that are proven to enhance your skin microbiome (which includes 100% natural ingredients).
  • Improve your gut health.
  • Practise regular aerobic exercise.
  • Spend as much time as you can in nature, surrounded by different microbes.
  • With antibiotics: follow your doctor’s advice. They shouldn’t be used for non threatening problems. In the long run they destroy the microbiome and leave it weaker than at the start.
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