Topical Probiotics Do Not Satisfy New Criteria for Effective Use

Our new research proposes a set of criteria for topical probiotics to adhere to for safe and effective use on the skin microbiome.

Our newly published, peer reviewed paper argues that topical probiotics can’t be used safely and effectively at this time. Mainly, this is due to our lack of knowledge about what a healthy skin microbiome is. 

With the rise of topical probiotics on the market, the questions we set out to answer were: 

Are topical probiotics good for the skin? And what would be the criteria they’d need to pass to be reliably safe and effective?

Therefore, we set out a criteria for whether a topical probiotic has the potential to help the skin. This now allows everyone to test whether their topical probiotics can be used safely and effectively.

"For topical probiotics to fulfil these criteria, they must only introduce microbes that are known to be an important part of a healthy skin microbiome for a specific person and body site, and only in amounts that are known to be healthy."

Please read the full paper here.

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