Could your skin be the reason for your food allergy?

Skin diseases are starting to be linked with causing food allergies.

The reason for your food allergy could be your damaged skin. Consequently, an increased risk of food sensitisation has been linked with the breakdown of your skin microbiome. This starts to show how vital your skin is for whole body health.

There has been a large rise in food allergies in the last 100 years, which coincides with the rise in skin allergiesIn addition, research is starting to link the chemicals in cosmetics as a major contributor to this.

But what is possibly even more alarming is that damaging your skin could disrupt your gut microbiome. As a result, this could cause food allergies by changing how your immune system works.

"Abnormal skin colonisation may contribute to abnormalities of epithelial development, integrity and predispose to local and systemic immune dysregulation – often first manifest as food allergy and eczema."

Prevent and treat food allergies using your skin?

The skin is now being recognised as playing a vital role in the body’s immune system. In fact, it could be your first line of defence. 

Therefore, nourishing your skin microbiome could be vital to treating problems internally, not just skin disease.

Using the skin to treat gut problems isn’t as crazy as it sounds. In fact, to us here at the Skin Microbiome School, it is extremely logical.

"...our own skin may provide a route to prevention as well as treatment for life-threatening reactions."

Cultivate a diverse microbiome

As mentioned, you are only 40% human and the other 60% is microbes. These microbes live in and on you, making up your microbiome. 

Interestingly, your different microbiomes are all interlinked and work together. Indeed, this big ecosystem is your body.

In conclusion, the reason for your food allergy could your damaged skin. Because of this, it is vital to keep your skin microbiome healthy!

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