Your gut health may influence the severity of Covid

New research suggests that your gut microbiome could determine the immune response to Covid.

Your gut health may influence the severity of covid, as well as the length. In fact, this could be because of the effect on the immune response to the virus.

As Yun Kit Yoeh et al. state, “…the gut microbiome is involved in the magnitude of COVID-19 severity possibly via modulating host immune responses.”

Since your microbiome is an important part of your immune system, this makes sense.

Gut microbiome dysbiosis – cause or effect?

Summarising the paper, they show that the gut microbiome of patients with covid is depleted. Interestingly, this carried on for up to 30 days after the virus had left.

So does a depleted gut microbiome increase the severity of symptoms? Or does contracting Covid itself cause the damage?

Undoubtedly we need more research on this topic. But seeing as  dysbiosis is linked to many chronic diseases, this opens up new opportunities for disease prevention.”

"Simply increasing the daily intake of dietary fiber may markedly help improve gut health."

Improve your whole body health

Because your gut health may influence the severity of Covid, make sure that you work on your whole body health. 

Firstly, to increase your gut microbiome health, focus on fibre intake and variety of vegetable, beans and pulses. 

Additionally, strengthening your skin microbiome is important for whole body health. Furthermore, studies have shown that a damaged skin microbiome can lead to problems in the gut.

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