A preliminary study into the effects of the Microbiome on patients with Topical Steroid Withdrawal

The results suggest that strengthening the Microbiome could have the potential to help sufferers

Highlights of Study Results

"Patient 1 saw a 'potentially life-changing' 92% average improvement in symptoms. From our experience, this is much higher than seen for people in a similar position."

"All 5 people who completed the study noted improvements in their skin. Each person recorded an improvement in a minimum of 66% of their symptoms."

"This improvement over a matter of weeks or months is a truly noteworthy achievement, from our experience. This was despite all of them being in the ‘severe case’ category."

Why are the results so encouraging?

Because all of the patients are in the ‘extreme case’ category; Topical Steroids were used for a range of 15-48 years. In addition, one patient was pregnant at the time.

Therefore, improvement in symptoms over just a matter of weeks or a few months is a truly noteworthy achievement. There is years of extensive damage to the immune system and microbiome to counteract.

After only a few months strengthening the microbiome, the improvements are already impressive.

What were the aims?

The aim of this preliminary study was to find out if a combined skin & gut Microbiome strengthening approach has potential for helping Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) sufferers. Our partner, a Dutch Doctor, recruited the patients. It is currently being turned into a scientific paper. 

The patients used body and face washes that featured new technology to strengthen the skin microbiome*. 

In addition to the skin microbiome, the Doctor also conducted gut microbiome analysis and suggested dietary changes.

The promising results mean a much larger study with over 100 participants is the next step, with in-depth microbiome analyses.

What is Topical Steroid Withdrawal?

There is some debate over its existence in the medical community, which you can find out more about here. After using Topical Steroids for long periods of time, stopping using them can cause whole body issues. Many of these manifest themselves on the skin, showing symptoms such as raw, open wounds, ‘oozing’ and bone-deep itching.

Please read our blog on TSW.

*The Skin Microbiome Technology was contained in face and body washes made by JooMo. 


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