Gut depleting antibiotics may make melanoma worse

The gut microbiome could play a role in protecting patients with melanoma.

Bone tumour growth was accelerated in antibiotic-treated, microbiome-depleted mice when compared to mice not treated with antibiotics. 

These findings from researchers at Emory University suggest that antibiotics could negatively affect melanoma patients. 

As Dr. Subhashis Pal says: “We found that the gut microbiome restrains the progression of melanoma bone lesions in mice.”

"Using oral antibiotics depleted the gut microbiome... This made the mice more vulnerable for tumor growth."

The gut microbiome is thought to be associated with restraining bone marrow tumour growth by moving immune cells from the gut to the bone marrow.

Antibiotics have been shown to deplete the microbiome and decrease its biodiversity. A decrease in biodiversity has been shown to make us susceptible to a plethora of whole body health problems.

In conclusion, as Prof. Natalie Sims puts it, “The gut microbiome could play a role in protecting patients with melanoma.”


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