SPEECH: Everyday cosmetics and the Chronic Disease Epidemic

Why is there a 500% increase in skin allergies in the last 100 years?

If our health and welfare systems are so advanced, why does research show a 500% rise in skin allergies in the last 100 years? Kit & Sam posed this big question to the audience at Trinity Health Freedom Expo.

In tandem with this, food allergies have been increasing drastically too. Interestingly, these allergies are not seen in people who don’t have contact with the outside world.

"If we can find out what is causing this, then we could start to roll back the Chronic Disease Epidemic." 

The skin twins showed that research is linking everyday cosmetics with this rise in allergies. They also showed how “natural” cosmetics can contain the same amount of chemicals as normal cosmetics.

“Since an early age, we have had a burning desire to make the world a better place by helping millions of people.”

The Skin Microbiome School has recently added their courses to Trinity School of Natural Health to educate students on the Skin Microbiome. Their Guest Lectures appear in the program here.


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