Hair straightening products linked to uterine cancer risk

Could chemicals from hair straightening products be disrupting our immune processes?

An 11 year study has found that hair straightening products are linked to uterine cancer. The risk of developing uterine cancer is reported to be more than double for regular users of hair straightening products. On top of that, there was an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancers too. 

Some chemicals found in these products can disrupt the immune and hormonal process when inside the body. The chemicals could possibly be absorbed into the body.

"So, it could be that the way these chemicals are operating is through altering ​not only hormonal responses, but also by altering immune or even vascular responses.”

“Understanding how these chemicals work beyond the hormonal system is still a new and growing area of research” James continued.

So the question is, if these chemicals are only used on hair, then how are they affecting whole body health and leading to internal issues? If we understand this, we might be much more careful about which products we use on our hair and skin.


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