Allergy Emergencies “Double in Recent Years”

There are now 25,000 English NHS admissions for dangerous allergic reactions every year

An article by the BBC, using data gathered by the NHS, reported that the rate of admission for allergic reactions has doubled in the last 20 years and is still rising. 

For severe food-related allergic reactions, the rise in admissions is even greater.

"[food allergy]...admissions rose from under 2,000 twenty years ago to more than 5,000 in 2022/23."

The number of people experiencing an allergic reaction which does not warrant a hospital stay may be larger still. 

Further work would need to be done to find the amount of admissions per portion of the population, which would find the true increase in allergic reactions. 

"The figures suggest anaphylaxis is on the increase, though some of the rise could be attributed to the growth in population. "

Why is this data alarming? Well, as we have previously discussed, there is a “chronic disease epidemic” sweeping across the developed world.

The research shows a 500% increase in skin allergies in roughly the last 100 years. It, like this article, also describes how the rate of deterioration appears to be worsening in recent years.

The big question to answer is why is this happening when we have access to the best healthcare and medicine the world has ever seen? 

What do you think?


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