Microbes Make up 17% of the Earth’s Biomass

This is 1600 times larger than the biomass of humans

When split into their groups, Bacteria, by far the most abundant type of microbe, accounted for the second largest amount of biomass on Earth with 12.8% of the total. 

This was reported in a 2018 study published in “PNAS”, and made into an impressive graphic by Mark Belan. 

"[Estimates suggest] that there are 5 nonillion bacteria on the planet—that’s a five with 30 zeros after it."

In addition, it is thought we have only discovered 0.001% of Microbes on Earth. 

Plants make up the vast majority of biomass on this planet with 82%, and animals make up just 0.47%.

"...there are an estimated trillion species of microbes invisible to the naked eye—and we’ve probably only discovered 0.001% of them so far."

But why does any of this matter? 

Well, it shows how important a role microbes play, not just on our bodies, but in global ecosystems too. 

Therefore, it suggests that we should  strive to protect them and the ecosystems that support all life. 

What do you think? 


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