Could the Microbiome Increase Testosterone?

New evidence could transform areas like sports performance and disease prevention

Scientists have now proposed the existence of a “testrobolome” due to the increasing evidence of a link between our microbiome and testosterone production.

This is defined as the collection of gut microbes that influence the metabolism of testosterone. 

"...testosterone has been shown to be produced in the gut by Clostridium scindens"

It is thought that this contributes to diseases linked to unbalanced sex hormones such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Interestingly, these disease states have also been linked to reduced biodiversity of the microbiome. 

"...patients suffering from PCOS have significantly lower gut microbiota diversity compared to healthy controls."

It is fast emerging that the microbiome could play a crucial role in whole body health. 

However, most of the research focuses on the gut microbiome, and the skin microbiome is often overlooked.

Therefore, could the skin microbiome also play a role in testosterone production due to its heavy involvement in Vitamin D production? 


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