Harmless Bacteria Aid Deadly Infections (Part 1)

Unveiling the skin's hidden saboteurs: new findings "forces us to completely reconsider" how infections occur

Harmless bacteria that are part of a healthy skin microbiome are “recruited” by pathogens to help them infect the skin.

This is the “groundbreaking” finding by an international team of researchers who investigated Staphylococcus aureus infections. 

"...benign bacteria may actually help pathogens evade the immune system..."

"...[and] enabled the development of S. aureus infection..."

Bacterial infections can cause disease, and in extreme cases, death. Therefore, understanding how they work is “critical in developing treatments such as antibiotics or vaccines” according to study co-author Simon Foster. 

Should We Focus Less on “Bad” Microbes?

This is more evidence that the idea of “good” and “bad” microbes may be wrong. 

Therefore, should we be looking to maintain a high biodiversity to fight off infections, instead of trying to eliminate “bad” microbes? 


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