Damaged Skin Directly Harms Your Gut

A new study provides "direct evidence of a skin-gut axis" which proves how important the skin is for whole body health

Damage to the skin not only alters composition and microbial behaviour in the gut microbiome, but disrupts intestinal immune defence. 

This is the finding from groundbreaking new research by scientists at the University of San Diego which shows how the skin directly affects the gut. 

"...the skin... can cause dysbiosis of the gut and influence susceptibility to disease."

The Skin Microbiome: Missing Piece of the Puzzle in Whole Body Health?

The gut is known to be crucial for whole body health. For example, damage to this ecosystem has been linked with “most of the Human diseases affecting westernized countries.”

However, this study provides direct evidence that the skin could be just as important as the gut for whole body health. 


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